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The Walking Dead: "Start to Finish" (Season 6, Episode 8)

A tower collapses on the walls that protect a community from a besieging horde of Walkers. It's pandemonium as the Walkers stream in. You wouldn't think boring would be the word to describe what happens next. And yet here we are.

Everybody just goes into their houses while the Walkers wander around. None of the living humans do much of anything interesting inside. The conflicts that have been set up to date dutifully play out in a manner lacking all inspiration. Then a stupidly cruel coda closes it out.   


The Walking Dead: "Self Help" (Season 5, Episode 5)


"I did almost die today, and we don't have a car, and we're drinking toilet water." That's a pretty awful day by any standard.

Abraham Ford's response? "We roll on." Straight into the nastiest kick of all. We the audience were expecting it, but goodness gracious this show is merciless in its delivery.


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