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R2's Day: Hey Guys! I've got a barn, let's put on a show!

Something that I'm working on-


We have a tremendous talent pool here at the 'bot.  I count myself fortunate to be able to hang out with you guys.  In that vein, I'd like to propose a project (and we can hammer out the details in the comments and the forums).


I want to see if we can crowd-source a movie as a 'weekend project' (or at least a script).


Whoever wants to participate in the process, can.



Mars Colony - Brilliant move or dangerous mistake?

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I’m sure that everyone has noticed that the idea of a Mars colony is heating up. What they may not realize is exactly how much.


This whole recent bit started in April 2013 when the Dutch nonprofit foundation Mars One announced its intention of establishing a human settlement on Mars by 2024. In response, they received over 200,000 applications for what, at the moment, appears to be a one way trip.


How will Mars One pull this off?


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