R2's day: AAAARGGH!

This morning is being rapidly consumed by a couple (or six) issues.  Right now, I think I've fixed the problem where the database causes the site to crash HARD.   In doing so, I've also added considerably more speed.  I plan on adding even more speed today (Yes.  You can add speed, just like that....


R2’s Day: Macroevolution and you.

I am not an ID-eologue.   I am skeptical of efforts to scient-ize creation; however I cannot get over the problems with macroevolution.


I’m not alone.


Dr. James M. Tour, PhD- expert in molecular chemistry, computer science and a few other disciplines (From the summary version of his resume:


R2's Day: Cosmos: A missed opportunity?

Phil Vischer, creator of Veggie Tales and self proclaimed Science Nerd has some thoughts on the new Cosmos.   And you know what, he's absolutely right.  Rather than illuminate, the new series actually seems set to pour fuel on the existing conflict between science and religion.   


R2's Day: Real Science Timewaster!

I have been working pretty hard behind the scenes here to add some long overdue functionality to the site (and it will also change the way the site looks... hopefully for the better.   

In the meantime, here is a phenominal time waster.  It's a side scrolling scale map of the solar system where the Moon is one pixel.  It's seriously cool,  but it will require at least fifteen minutes of your precious, precious time....



R2’s Day: On Reviews

From nearly day one here on the ‘bot, we’ve reviewed stuff.  I mean stuff.  Lots of stuff- T.V. Shows, Movies, Video Games,  Board Games, Fan Films, Books, Toys…  we’ve watched/played/read things so that you, our loyal readers,  could make informed decisions or, in some cases,  incite discussion.


It’s not easy.




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