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Series Review: Gravity Falls

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I'm a recent convert to the fandom of the Disney series "Gravity Falls."  This is some of the loopiest, most creative writing to come along in a very long time.  The laughs are deep and the creepy bits are genuinely creepy, and the shows are stuffed with little sight gags, in-jokes, and homages to classic sci fi and horror movies of the past.  And getting Neil deGrasse Tyson to play a hyperintelligent pig is pretty awesome.


SERIES REVIEW: “Planetes” (2003/2004)

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Planetes – pronounced “Plan-eat-ease” – is the Greek word from which our word “Planet” is derived. It doesn’t actually mean that, though, it means “Wanderers.” This is what the ancients used to call the visible planets: “Wandering stars.” The Epistle of Jude even mentions this in the Bible, in a one-off reference.


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