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The Walking Dead: "Remember" and "Forget" (Season 5, Episodes 12 and 13)

"This is now." Pretty Zen, huh?

I was travelling last week, so I'll do both of these episodes at once. They don't really need separate reviews since they're one continuous exploration of an idea. It's a daring idea for TV, too--have our heroes become villains?


The Walking Dead: "A" (Season 4, Episode 16)


You just can’t trust anybody in a zombie apocalypse, can you?

That’s the message yet again. It comes in the form of an entertaining episode, as most of the second half of Season 4 have been. There’s an incomplete feel to it all with the cliffhanger at Terminus, but that’s okay for now. At least the Governor’s still dead.


The Walking Dead: "Us" (Season 4, Episode 15)

Nothing particularly dynamite tonight, but solid craftsmanship all around. There’s also a fair amount of humor for a welcome change, coupled with some excellent character acting from veteran Jeff Kober as a guy named Joe. The second half of season four thus continues to hold up its end of the bargain rather nicely.  



The Walking Dead: "The Grove" (Season 4, Episode 14)

“A perfect tragedy is the noblest production of human nature…”


That’s all I can say about one of the darkest and most disturbing hours of television you’ll ever see. Some may say it was too much so for episodic TV (although the basic plot does come from the comic). Some may say it’s a legitimate exploration of the human experience and morality amid an ever bleaker wasteland. But whether it simply horrified you, or horrified and moved you, it was well done.     


The Walking Dead: "Still" (Season 4, Episode 12)

The title’s right. This one was still, too much so. It’s the first episode of this half-season that fell kind of flat for me. Part of the problem is that it focused on Darryl and Beth, two characters who bring issues to the table for what the script was trying to do. Having Darryl be ornery doesn’t work anymore because we already know that deep down he isn’t. Having Beth do much of anything doesn’t work because they’ve yet to make her interesting. This episode included. 



The Walking Dead: "Claimed" (Season 4, Episode11)

Another solid episode. As I noted last week, this show is at its best when its focus narrows to a few people trying to survive. The whole Walking Dead concept is geared for that. It’s what zombie stories are. So while the show’s creative staff don’t seem too have found consistent footing with extended story arcs, they’ve got the basics down cold. 



The Walking Dead: "Inmates" (Season 4, Episode 10)

Remember, “Hitchhikers May be Escaping Inmates.” That’s what the sign says.


We pick up with the rest of the cast tonight in four short stories united by everyone passing that sign. Each short story has its strengths and weaknesses, but the episode overall is good. This show doesn’t tend to make pratfalls when it forsakes extended arcs for some good old-fashioned running from Walkers.


“The Princess Diaries” -- Darryl and Beth run from Walkers.


The Walking Dead: "Too Far Gone" (Season 4, Episode 8)

That's a dangerous title.

Between The Governor and the plague prison, the show itself was almost too far gone. Here they push us to the brink by showing more of the Governor doing tedious Governor stuff, then try to redeem it all by blowing everything up in the last fifteen minutes. The word that comes to mind is cluster****. Still, if there’s one thing this show knows how to do, it’s stage a big action sequence.


The Walking Dead: "Isolation" (Season 4, Episode 3)

This season’s new nemesis—the flu—continues in full force. And it yields a good episode, one that feels less hastily thrown together than last week’s opening gambit. Seekers of the gross get their money’s worth from another peak zombie moment, and the emoting is better paced.

Mood is quickly established. The opening shot is Glen digging a grave. After a little bits, we widen to see Maggie also digging graves. Pull back a little further and there’s four or five people digging. Got the picture?


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