Link-O-Rama! Global Warming and More stuff to waste time with!

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As I’ve pointed out repeatedly, Global Warming is a myth just like Santa Claus and Supply Side Economics, and now the Australian Press is starting to agree w/ me:,25197,23411799-7583,00.html (Thanks to Republibot 1.0 for pointing this out to me) The question now becomes “Why are those in charge insisting a phenomenon that does not exist is happening?” Is it simple misinformation (Government officials are notoriously a decade behind on scientific and sociological events), or is it maybe an attempt at social engineering (“Dammit, I’ll turn these people into ecologically sound urban atheists if it kills me!”) or is it an attempt to shift the basis of our economy (“That’s it, I’ve had it with them Ay-rabs! Let’s find an excuse to justify great inconvenience on our part to avoid buying oil from ‘em anymore!”) or is it simply clever marketing? (“I think we’ve sold everyone just about as many cars as we usefully can, now let’s make them feel bad about driving them, and talk them into buying different *kinds* of cars…”) or a purely political motivation (“We need to make people believe there’s a major crisis afoot so that we can gain a lot of power and hold on to it for generations.”) or some other option that hasn’t occurred to me? If anyone wants to discuss this, I’m up for it, just post it in the comments below, and I’ll answer!

Some Links for the day- and a question...

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I’ve got a ton of links for you here, but before we get to that, I’d like to ask you people a question: Which of the terms for female androids to you prefer? Fembot? Female Android? Gynoid? I’m disregarding “Sexbot” because that’s rather demeaning, and not all of them are built specifically for that purpose anyway. “Fembot” is acceptable, but sounds too ‘Six Million Dollar Man’ for me; “Female Android” is kinda’ clunky to use in a sentence.


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