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In the interest of full disclosure, I feel compelled to mention that my favorite TV show at present is not a Science Fiction series at all, but rather “Top Gear” on BBC America. While this is not Science Fiction at all, it is Republican. Well, Republican-ish, anyway. Tory, I guess. Bear with me, it’ll pay off in the end:

Here’s a quote from the show that, I think, explains its abiding appeal for me, personally. Host Jeremy Clarkson is doing an extended piece discussing whether people should buy SUVs or Station Wagons:

Whedon-y Link and other stuff (Link-o-rama)

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- Joss Whedon’s top 10 writing tips It’s mostly predictable, but “Cut what you love” is surprising.
- This article has me wondering if all the nonsense-science supporting Global Warming is perhaps a backlash at the Bush administration’s treatment of the Scientific Community


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