Queen Bohemian Rhapsody Old School Computer Remix

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Found this via the almost always excellent ToplessRobot (www.toplessrobot.com) - the Friday Fan Fiction highlight is always a bit scary, but the site generally stays away from politics and focuses firmly down on good old fashion genre geekery and nerdery.

However, this is by far the coolest thing I have seen there yet. It is up to R3 to discuss the relative merits of it as SteamPunk though...


TV REVIEW: Kings: Insurrection


I cannot get over how consistently excellent this show is. There's a magic to the language, to the performances, to the plotting, to the cinematography--- all far better than we deserve.

Tonight is no exception. King Silas faces an insurrection and sends David in to quell it singlehandedly.

If that were the whole story, it'd still be compelling. However, add into the mix Silas' plans AROUND the insurrection, The Queen's observations, The King's loss, The Prince's machinations and the Princess's uncanny ability to get to the wrong place at the wrong time, and WOW.

EPISODE REVIEWS: Ben 10: "War of the Worlds" (Season 2, Episodes 12 and 13)

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Ben 10: Alien Force is the second TV show in the “Ben Ten” franchise. The original series ran for five production cycles, or about 3 years, and “Alien Force” is set five years later. Whereas the original show was an open-ended series of more-or-less standalone adventures, this one was conceived of as a two-season arc series. It ended tonight.


LINKS: Several SF-Related Stories for the day

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* A mid-80s vintage Dalek has been found in a pond in england http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/tvandradio/doctor-who/4935903/Dr-Who-... (The photo is my new desktop)

* I happened to be in England in 1983 and read this story in 2000 AD when it first ran. I laughed myself silly, and now it's entirely online for your enjoyment. Why does this matter? Because it's also the first thing I ever read by Alan Moore http://www.bbc.co.uk/cult/comics/2000adstrips/drandquinch/drandquinch01....


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