SONG OF THE DAY: "Beep Beep" by Louis Prima (1959)

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Sorry there's no actual video for this, but it's still worth a listen

This is a quick little novelty song - one of literally hundreds - that came out in 1957/1958 after the Soviets launched Sputnik.

It's kind of amazing to me that even a little written-in-ten-minutes blow off song like this is great when it's by Swing and Vegas legend Louis Prima. The man could sing the phone book, and make it great. Then he'd give Keely some harmonies to sing, and it'd be greater still!

Crazy, man!

Very depressed

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Very depressed today. I just lost roughly 14 articles I'd typed up for the site, including an episode review for Macross Zero, and a book review for Burroughs "Gods of Mars," two long B5 rambles, a long Galactica ramble, and just a ton of stuff. All eaten by my computer. Gone. Very disheartened. G'wan home, come back tomorrow.



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