SONG OF THE DAY: "Bop 'Til You Drop" by Rick Springfield (1984)

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I apologize in advance for the song, but you can't escape the SF trappings of the video:

Sadly, this was the beginning of the end for old Rick. He kept releasing more material that sounded like this though the mid-80s, and his fanbase just didn't seem to like it. It lacked the catchy harmonies he was known for, and the lyrics became less bubblegummy. If there was ever a bad time for a musician to discover meaningful music, it was 1984/85.

But fear not, Rick will turn up again.

SONG OF THE DAY: "Eldorado to the Moon" by Mike Nesmith (1981)

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Yes, *That* Mike Nesmith:

I'm not absolutely sure about when this was written and/or filmed. Originally it turned up on a Music Video compliation that Nesmith did called "Elephant Parts," which was published in 1981, but it may well have been older, and I'm not sure this song ever turned up on one of his albums.


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