SONG OF THE DAY: "Mothership Connection (Starchild)" by Parliament (1976)

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Where would we be without one of the strangest funk/prog/psychadelia acts of the 70s? Parliament (And/or) Funkadelic. Here they are singing one of their more overtly SF-related songs:

Ah, but is it SF? Well, yeah, I think so. It's all about the whole von Danikin Ancient Astronauts nonsense, and Sun Ra's weird life story. Check out these lyrics:

Doin' it up on the Chocolate Milky Way

What's up CC? Have you forgot me?

Are you hip to Easter Island? The Bermuda Triangle?

Heh heh! Well, all right. Ain't nothing but a party!

SONG OF THE DAY: "Lion" by May'n and Megumi Kakajima (2008)

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I frackin' *LOVE* this song! It's second theme song from the "Macross Frontier" anime in Japan, and actually peaked at #3 on the Japanese charts. I caution you that there's a very brief animated naked butt-shot in the video, but aside from that it's safe for work. I assume. I don't speak Japanese, so they could be singing horrible things, but I doubt it.


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Just a couple interesting stories that have crossed my path in the last few days, and I figured I'd pass 'em on as a way of jump-starting the week:

It turns out you can use an MRI to monitor various aspects of people’s feelings about other people. Stick someone in the tube, monitor the hormone-producing parts of the brain, and show ‘em pictures of their loved ones, their spouses, Canadian hookers, and record the results. It’s an ongoing experiment, but eventually they hope to establish a benchmark for figuring out how emotion works


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