SONG OF THE DAY: "The Noah Plan" by Peter Schilling (1982)

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Yet another brilliant overtly SF song from Peter Schilling. Most of Schilling's "Error in the System" album consisted of SF songs like this and Major Tom. Curriously, a recurring theme in the songs was that not only was the end of the world a good thing, since it would force us to go in to space, but also that it was kind of a mistake for us to have ever lived on planets in the first place. He seemed to believe we were originally space creatures who got shipwrecked here at some point in the antediluvian past. Or if he didn't believe that himself, he at least repeatedly used it as an inference in his songs. Much of his next album was SF as well. In any event, catchy as hell, yes? Just click on through to see what I'm yammering about.

SONG OF THE DAY: "Metropolis" by The Church (1990)

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Taking Fritz Lang's seminal movie as a starting point...
Sorry about the sound quality in the first minute, it's the best I could find.
The idea behind the song is that while The Metropolis is huge and inhuman and evil and wicked and nasty and altogether bad for your skin, people are still falling all over themselves to get there. I love the creepysexycool quality of this one.
BTW, despite their name, "The Church" isn't at all a religious band. Just click on through for the video.


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