The Walking Dead: "JSS" (Season 6, Episode 2)

Two for two. The Walking Dead has come out swinging with another tension-filled hour of action riding a brilliantly simple through line.  

This week is the flip side of last week. We see what was going on in the Alexandria Safe Zone while the gang was out trying to lure that immense horde of Walkers away. And yes, we do find out how that deadly horn sounded.


My son's first novel, "After Conquest," is now on Amazon

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My sixteen-year-old son just self-published his first full-length novel, called "After Conquest."

Despite his youth, everyone who's read the manuscript thus far has really, really liked it. He's got a style that's very different (And probably more accessible) than mine. The general consensus is that it's a really good book. Best of all, this is YA fiction, so it's clean. No bad language or sex or gore or what have you. (Unlike my books)


The Walking Dead: "First Time Again" (Season 6, Episode 1)

The real Walking Dead is back. Just in time to make to demonstrate why "Fear the Walking Dead" pales in comparison. Things like scope, pacing, tension, deftly drawn characters with economy of scene. etc. You know,  writing that allows spectacle to achieve its full effect.


The Martian

Come home, Ridley Scott. All is forgiven for Prometheus.

You don’t often see an awesome movie about competence. But that’s what “The Martian” is--a stirring tribute to not just science, but to the oft-maligned soul of the supposedly unimaginative ideal of competence. To the belief that details matter, that it’s important for a person to have some actual idea what they’re talking about.

Hear, hear.



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