Mad Max: Fury Road

It's been thirty years since Mad Max last hit the road. Sequels that long after the fact tend to be half-baked nostalgia that never quite gels. Yet this two hour cacophony of crashing metal is sitting atop a 98% fresh rating at Rotten Tomatoes with accolades firing in from every direction. So what you're wondering is simple: could that possibly be real?


Despite what your Trekie friends say, Deep Space Nine kinda' sucks

Randall Anthony Schanze's picture

Deep Space Nine. Oy Veh. Where to start? Well as is well known by all but the most bleeding-from-the-eardrums Trekerbaiters, the show is a ripoff of Babylon 5. It's also regarded by most objective fans as inferior to Babylon 5. I'm not objective. I'm solidly in the B5 camp, but I've heard many an authority with no dog in this race vote for B5 over DS9, despite B5's vastly lower budget, toon-town special effects, spotty acting, tendency towards solliloques, and a universally hated fifth season. Even with all that, it's just better, you know?



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