The Adventures of Tintin

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We finally got around to watching this film today.

The plot is that young ace reporter Tintin buys an old ship model, in which is concealed one of three scrolls which give the coordinates to a treasure hidden by an old sea captain. A bad guy is trying to get his hands on all three scrolls, and has Tintin kidnapped, believing he has the scroll on him, but he does not--it had earlier been lifted by a pickpocket, who turns out to be a compulsive wallet-stealer. The wallet is later returned to Tintin by a pair of identical, inept police detectives.


Gotham: "All Happy Families Are Alike" (Season 1, Episode 22)

Uh... Okay.

Gotham's first season finale is pretty much the whole season in a microcosm--entertaining in brief moments that float atop a disjointed, frothy mess. The overall effect is more laughable than dramatic. And that's even before young Bruce discovers his dear old deceased Dad had a Batcave of his own. Seriously.



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