The Walking Dead: "Heads Up" (Season Six, Episode 7)


I guess that was a step up from the last two episodes. And Glen is still alive. His survival is, however, as I noted it would be two reviews ago, completely ridiculous.

Yes. Nicholas did fall on top of Glen. He fell sideways, though, explicitly not covering either Glen’s head and shoulders or his feet. Glen was exposed. Yet this throng of Walkers ignores him as he squirms out from under Nicolas to scuttle under a nearby garbage dumpster. Maybe all of two Walkers grab at him where he lays accessible under that dumpster. He stabs them in the head and that is that. No other Walker makes any attempt to harm him as hours pass by.

Not so much as a single scratch on our boy. I like Glen, but this is silly.

“Heads up,” the title of tonight’s episode, are the words spoken by Enid, who just happens to come along and throw Glen some water. She may or may not have lured off the remaining Walkers as well. The show is unclear on that point. So one half of our show is tough chick Enid and good old Glen reluctantly bonding as he lectures her that she’s keeping everyone at bay because she’s afraid to lose more people. The other half is Rick’s group bonding with the Alexandrians as both sides realize they’re in this together.

Metaphorically, “heads up” is also a sledgehammer to the face at the end of the episode, right when everyone was felling their warmest and fuzziest. This remains, after all, The Walking Dead.

So what happens in Alexandria? Well Rick finds that crack in the wall from two episodes ago. He starts shoring it up, a project for which the Alexandrians are happy to chip in. Think of it as a trust-building exercise. But do you remember that tower structure the Wolves rammed with their truck? We hear it creak and see boards fall off of it all episode long. That can’t be good.

Father Gabriel gets dissed by the Rickster at his absolute pettiest. Morgan circles the doctor’s office trying to score some antibiotics for the injured Wolf he saved and has chained up in a basement. He does that even after Rick, Michonne and Carol lecture him that, while all life is precious, sometimes things aren’t that simple. Rick also teaches Jessie’s kid Ron how to handle an unloaded gun.

That last one is a big mistake. Ron steals some bullets later.

Deanna’s son, Spencer foolishly tries to play hero. He tries to climb past the Walkers outside using a cord attached to a grappling hook. Of course he falls. Rick, Tara, Morgan and Michonne rescue him. That isn’t particularly realistic either, but nowhere near as much pure fantasyland as Glen’s survival.

Carol spots Morgan leading the doctor back to his basement prison. She figures it out and follows. At the door, she demands to know who Morgan has locked in there. At the same time, Ron is fingering his gun like a sneaky creep bent on revenge while following Carl. Juts when it looks like things are about to tense up, Glen and Enid release a host of green balloons outside, announcing their survival. Maggie rushes in that direction, the sun glows warmly and everyone looks skyward. Their eyes are filled with misty melodrama hope…

Then that darn tower falls over, taking out a section of wall with it. Walkers start to stream in.

This show is truly sadistic.