The Walking Dead: "Always Accountable" (Season 6, Episode 6)


Another so-so episode that was largely set up for the future. It partially redeemed itself, however, with an absolutely breathtaking visualization of a burned forest. Only a show this morbid could pull that off.

It's back to Darryl, Sasha and Abraham tonight. Mostly Darryl in quantity and quality. Sasha and Abraham's vignette is a series of blatant gestures that are ultimately boring. Darryl at least has that forest.

Still rolling through the giant extended story we've been watching this entire half-season, it's now time to catch up with the crew leading away the other half of Alexandria's Walker horde. We open with the word "That's twenty," as in twenty miles. So it's time to take a turn and head back to Alexandria. Unfortunately, our stalwart trio rides into an ambush in a small town. Machine gun fire explodes out of nowhere. Darryl leads one pursuing car into a fatal collision while Abraham and Sasha exterminate the other with extreme, extreme, very extreme prejudice. Those poor saps never knew what hit them.    

Abraham and Sasha are now short one car. They hole up waiting for Darryl to return. That's a pretext for boring discussions about life that yield only two notable results, one with potential, one both forced and coming out of nowhere. The one with potential is Abraham fining an RPG. Good for him. Something like that just has to come in handy somewhere down the road. The WTF part is Abraham hitting on Sasha. She doesn't seem his type and, to be brutally honest, she could do better. Even in the zombie apocalypse.

Darryl is pushing his motorcycle through some muddy, burned woods. I don't know whose idea this was, who set it up, or who filmed it, but kudos to all. The landscape is a charcoal lunar wonder, oscillating between a disgustingly wet grey, luminous black and white, irregular hints of sepia and the occasional halo of a dark blue tint. The transition seconds are marvelous. I'd hate to be there, but man did I love looking at it.

It's too bad what happened in the woods wasn't a little more interesting. Just the standard Mark One Mod Zero Walking Dead morality play--trust, don't trust, are we still human or not, blah blah. Darryl runs into two women only to get clubbed by the guy he didn't see. He winds up doing them a couple of solid favors only to have them steal his stuff before leaving him in those cool woods. They'd been running from some group that brings people in, builds up debt for food and shelter and makes them work it off forever. If you've read the comic, that's probably the ultimate baddie Negen's outfit. As noted above, this episode is pretty much all foreshadowing. It's kind of inelegant, though, since they just got through doing the same thing with The Wolves.

There is one black comedic gem. After one of the pursuers gets bitten by a Walker, his comrades chop off his arm. As they help him up, the only words spoken are these: "Come on. Let's walk it off." Yikes!

Darryl wraps things up by finding an old fuel truck and picking up Abraham and Sasha. As they drive away, a voice says "Help" over their walkie talkie.

Glen, anyone? Sounds like better than even money to me.