My son's first novel, "After Conquest," is now on Amazon

Randall Anthony Schanze
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My sixteen-year-old son just self-published his first full-length novel, called "After Conquest."

Despite his youth, everyone who's read the manuscript thus far has really, really liked it. He's got a style that's very different (And probably more accessible) than mine. The general consensus is that it's a really good book. Best of all, this is YA fiction, so it's clean. No bad language or sex or gore or what have you. (Unlike my books)

It's epic science fiction: the story starts out in the near future, and spans over two generations. There's dozens of characters, both human and alien, and dozens of locations, all of which are pretty well drawn and a lot of fun.

It's available for download for a buck. Give a kid a break, and give the book a shot, ok?

It's on Amazon here

And on Smashwords here