Falling Skies: "Reunion" (Season 5, Episode 9)


First, let me apologize for the gap in these reviews. I went on vacation and just never got back in the groove for this show. But on the plus side, you really haven't missed anything. They're hoarding their budget for the finale. So yeah, we've just been killing time.

Let's see... Pope had turned bad. Him and Tom Mason fought. They both survived. Tom met some humans who reminded him what they were fighting for, just in case the whole ruined Earth wasn't enough motivation. Nobody has yet figured out what magical thing the Espheni are doing in Washington D.C., so all the various militias are still slowly circling the city.

Blah, blah, woof, woof.

Ben is sticking his hand in the glowy orange thing that is an Espheni communication hub. After each attempt, he jumps into an ice bath to cool off, then writes what he remembers on a chalkboard. "She is here." Whatever.

The Dornia appear to Tom again. Since the finale is next week, they've become the alien ex machina. There's apparently only one of them left, but she gives Tom something that looks like a cross between a shampoo bottle and a Lite Brite cucumber. And don't even start with the sexual jokes. It's too easy. For heaven's sake, the thing shot in al  torpedo like inside a writhing organic sac. Anyway, if Tom can throw that at the Espheni Queen ("She is here") it will exterminate the entire Espheni race. That's certainly convenient, what with a finale coming up next week and all.

This is getting lazy even by Falling Skles standards.

Matt finds Lexi (remember her) under some rubble. He takes her back to the camp where everyone thinks she's a fake Lexi sent in for some nefarious Espheni purpose. There's lots of tedious conversation about that in low budget locales. To make a boring story short, she's a fake Lexi sent in for some nefarious Espheni purpose. Namely just to kill Tom. The Espheni are nothing if not unimaginative, right up to the bitter end.

It looks like the Dornia Espheni-killing cucumber might kill humans, too. But don't worry. Some guy who used to work in a brewery does some on-the-fly DNA mods of alien technology. Now it's safe.

Let me rephrase. To say Falling Skies is lazy storytelling is a disservice to lazy storytelling.

Pope showed up for a ludicrous battle with Tom. Tom may have blown him up by shooting a barrel of gasoline. If so, mere lazy storytelling is looking like Shakespeare about now. I suspect we'll see Pope in one more embarrassing scene next week.

Ben figures out that the Espheni Queen is in the Lincoln Memorial. Time to get that cucumber thing loaded up. Be of good cheer, too. Next week has to be better than this, if for no other reason than at least it will finally be over.