Seeing What We Can't Even See: The Pluto Fly-By

Mama Fisi
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I don't care if you think it's not a "real" planet, distant little Pluto is finally getting its day in the sun as New Horizons sends back data which exceeds the hopes of NASA.

The probe has revealed a geologically-active world with a nitrogenous atmosphere.  Massive mountains, smooth plains criss-crossed by what looks like fourwheeler tracks (to a West Virginian, of course...) and, of course, a moon...this neglected, maligned, demoted planet looks more like Earth than almost any other legitimate planet in the solar system.

And yeah, it is kind of orange, and that "heart-shaped" spot looks more like a dog's head, to me, so-o-o-o...aptly named, Mr. Tombaugh.  Aptly named.