Falling Skies: "Hunger Pains" (Season 5, Episode 2)


It's a slight step up this week. The events aren't quite as ridiculous, and the whole kind of resembles an actual story. Of course, being hungry for a whole episode isn't necessarily interesting. You play it as it lays, though, I suppose.  

We open with a horde of skitters rampaging down a street toward the 2nd Mass' makeshift concrete-and-drab citadel. Most of the attackers get summarily gunned down. A few, however, get inside. They go for the local food supply. In one of the dumbest moves ever seen in any science fiction movie or TV show, Anthony takes them out with a rocket launcher. While they're in the food supply.

Thus tonight's hunger pains. If you can overlook the idiocy of that setup, the rest of the episode is competent enough.   

Tom's been bitten by a weird blue bug. He seems fine afterward, but continues to have hallucinations of his first dead wife, whom he saw in space last week. So presumably that's not the bug.

Pope decides to cook some dead Skitters. He says he'll try the results on a dog first. Alas, some guy named Russell is impatient and snags himself a Skitter drumstick. A couple of bites into it, his jaw literally dissolves in as gross a scene as you'll ever see this side of "The Walking Dead." So Skitters are out as a nutritional supplement.

Hordes of Skitters continue to attack at irregular intervals.

Ben finds some canned food under a rock. Wouldn't you know the address on it is a food packaging plant only a few miles away. I guess the 2nd Mass has some pretty bad scouts if they haven't found that in all this time, but I'll let that pass. The plan is for Ben, Pope, Maggie and whoever that woman is played by Mira Sorvino to crawl through a storm drain to get past the intermittent Skitter siege. Then they'll hoof it on down to ye olde processing plant.

Anthony and some guys are torturing a Skitter. Tom watches. Weaver comes by, shoots it, and snarls "We do not have time for this!" He questions Tom's desire to nurture rage.

Ben and company arrive at the processing plant. They find lots of unhealthy snack food (Ding Dongs for God's sake), canned goods and a perfectly workable delivery truck. So far so good. Alas, the writers decide this would be a nice time to subject us to five minutes of dialogue about the Hal-Maggie-Ben love triangle. There's no good time to talk about that because it sucks.

Hordes of Skitters continue to attack at irregular intervals.

The discussion of the Hal-Maggie-Ben triangle mercifully comes to an end when they're all ambushed by a teenage girl. She's holed up in the plant with her brother, a human-Skitter hybrid. Maggie lies that they can cure her brother to end the standoff.

Hordes of Skitters blah blah woof woof. The returning delivery truck gets bogged down among them. Fortunately, the South African guy has built a makeshift drone that polishes the enemy off nice and quick. The 2nd Mass is grateful for the food. They're not so grateful for the human-Skitter hybrid chained in a box. That Maggie sure knows how to keep an obvious lie going.

Anne is still trying to figure out that blue bug I mentioned at the start. Fortunately, Matt has built a makeshift microscope. Just go with it. There's a nice freaky bit when we see the bug has human eyes. Apparently, it's a mixture of human, Skitter and Espheni DNA; it's also still alive and flies away. Tom and Anne follow it (don't ask how, just go with it--someone built a makeshift bug tracker). They come upon a hazy meadow swarming with...


Dum dum dum! Tune in next week, same flaccid time, same flaccid channel.