MAD MAX: Fury Road: When does it take place?

Randall Anthony Schanze
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Finally saw Mad Max IV. If you don't want spoilers, turn back now, but I have a theory I want to put out there.

I don't think the Max in this movie is the same one as in the previous movies. I think it's a different Max a generation, or more likely two generations, later on. How is that possible? Not sure, but if it doesn't happen like 60 years after the pocky pockalypse, then it has to happen between MM and TRW, which is obviously what we're supposed to think, but which doesn't make sense.

Clues:1) Fury Road's flashbacks to Max's family dying do not in any way match those in TRW or their actual deaths in MM. 2) Furthermore, Fury Road's Max appears to have had a kid around sevenish, and in the old Max stories, the kid was a baby.3) Max doesn't have a leg brace or a limp in Fury Road, but does in TRW (Because he got run over by a motorcycle in MM)4) TRW took place (According to Miller) about 5 years after the world fell apart. That means this movie takes place less than five years after the world fell apart, yet we've got fully-developed, sprawling civilizations of multiple towns, warring kingdoms, a whole clan of mutants, and people born and grown in the wasteland.4a) Not to mention how long it would have taken to carve that emblem into the rock face.5) New slang has sprung up among Immortal Joe's people, and a religious cult. Those things take a while.6) "The Green Place" withered and died over the 18 or so years Furiosa was away. She appears to be about the same age as Max, and has been living in The Citadel for 18 years. As 18 is greater than 5...

See what I'm getting at?

I think this is set about 40 years after Bartertown, give or take. The current Max is the old Max's kid or something.