Christopher Lee is dead

Randall Anthony Schanze
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I'm not going to do a full obituary, as other sites have already done ones far beyond my power to add and detract, but I just thought it appropriate to mention the passing of Christopher Lee.

He had a phenominal life. Prior to getting into acting, he was in the British commandos in World War II, and a *lot* of his exploits are still classified to this day. He was cousins with Ian Flemming, and was in one of the Bond films (Sadly, not a good one). He was friends with J.R.R. Tolkein, and evidently spoke a bit of elvish. When they had questoins on pronunciation, they'd go to him. He made a million billion jillion Hammer films, and of course he played Count Dookoo in the Star Wars Prequels.

Interestingly, in his 80, by a statistical fluke, he became the most successful actor in Hollwood. Basically he was in all three of the Hobbit Films, two of the Star Wars films, and Sleepy Hollow all in very short order. Five of those films brought nearly a billion dollars each. So....yeah.

At age 87 he released a heavy metal album.