Sheldon Cooper gets a job working for "The Blaze."

Randall Anthony Schanze
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Just a quick congratulations to "Sheldon Cooper," who started out as a reviewer here, and published a couple original fiction stories. He just started working for "The Blaze" today. This is the network started by uber-conservative and occasional lunatic Glenn Beck. While Beck is not my favorite pundit by a LONG shot. (Say what you will about Rush Limbaugh, he never used network time to try to convince me the Book of Mormon is True), getting a job in the media is a huge deal.

I'm super-proud of Sheldon, and wish him all the best. We get to brag that he started here. Unlike me, of course, he went on to better things, but that says more about my loserdom than his aggressive go-getter nature.

Good job, Sheldon. Hope it works out for you!