ORIGINAL FICTION: "The Taking Tree" by Randall A. Schanze

Randall Anthony Schanze
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Soooooooooo this is me reading one of my original science fiction stories.

Halting, gassy, unprofessional recitation notwithstanding, it's actually a good story. Please do check it out. If you like it, please subscribe to my youtube channel and please tell your friends. If you'd like a copy of the story, it's in my "The Bones of an Angel" collection, so please buy a copy of my book (For a whopping $0.99) on smashwords or on Amazon, if you prefer them. 

My current book is "The Best of Randall Schanze," also available on Smashwords and on Amazon for the same "Well, obviously this is why he isn't rich" price.

Thanks for your time!