TV Series Review: Star vs. The Forces of Evil

Mama Fisi
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We just watched the first four episodes of the new Disney TV series "Star vs. The Forces of Evil." That's four 12-minute shows, folks. That is how fast and frenetic this show works.

Star Butterfly is a wild child princess from another dimension who receives a magic wand on her 14th birthday and promptly destroys her castle with it--by accident, of course. Sometimes Star is a brilliant kick-butt fighter, sometimes she's a klutz, but most of the time, she's Pinkie Pie hopped up on too much sugar. 

Her parents decide to send her to an unmagical dimension--Earth--where she can learn to use her wand--or at least, not trash her home dimension any further. They bribe her way into a school in California--where apparently magical princesses and demons and stuff are not really all that noteworthy--and Star gets assigned as an "exchange student" to the straight-arrow, safety-conscious Marco Diaz (who is the only character in the show I liked.) 

Star immediately puts Marco in peril with her magic powers, but Marco, fortunately, has a green belt in karate, and can handle himself in a fight. He and Star wind up hitting it off. 

Star does stuff like fight a bunch of power-hungry monsters who want to capture her wand, changes her homeroom teacher into a huge green troll, and goes dimension-hopping with a creepy, jive-talking flying unicorn head named Princess Pony Head, all the time dragging poor Marco along for the ride. 

This show moves way too fast, is way too bouncy, has way too many "big shimmering puppydog eyes moments," and seems to want to rip off pay homage to just about every other Disney preteen animated TV series ever made--there are elements of Kim Possible, Dora the Explorer (was that Disney? Don't care), Gravity Falls, Wander Over Yonder, Rainbow Brite, My Little Pony (not Disney--yet...), Ninja Turtles, and anime in general, only the style is original enough that you won't notice the anime elements at first, but they're there. 

The fourth episode, where Star mistakes a football game for a bunch of "warriors" come to "kill" students from her school (because as a princess from another dimension, she's unfamiliar with stuff like school sports metaphors) and puts on her magical warrior princess armor to booby-trap the playing field, is actually pretty funny. But not funny enough to make me want to come back for more. I think watching this show can give you seizures.