12 Monkeys: "Divine Move" (Season 1, Episode 10)


"What we do here still happened in God's eyes." That's a great line, certainly a disconcerting one to time travelers trying to erase the present by any means. Or not. This week's big development is an antagonist committed to keeping the plague timeline in place. His genesis is a bit forced, but I'll spot that since this show continues to be interesting.   

We begin in 2043 with Ramse breaking into Jones' little time travel emporium. He's discovered a son he never knew about with Helena, so he doesn't want the little bugger to vanish with this timeline. It's an interesting dramatic parallel to Jones' desire to save the past to save her long dead daughter. It's a little irritating, too. If Ramse was so obsessed with saving his offspring, maybe he should have thought about that before standing by while Foster and Project Spearhead were annihilated. Absent them, he's keeping a boy alive who has no future. We've been told repeatedly that the virus will keep mutating until humanity becomes extinct.

This plot development would certainly work better if Foster's research was still alive. I'll let that go from here on out, though.

So Ramse torches Jones' records, steals the serum that keeps time travelers alive and heads for the hills. An abandoned amusement park, actually. Helena and his son Sam are there with other people. It's also very close to Project Splinter, which seems to defeat the point of this move...

Yes, yes, I promised I wouldn't complain about that again. Sorry.

Back in 2015, Cole pops back in on Aaron and Cassie as they're making out. Time travel has no manners. A pissed Aaron subsequently gets off the second best line of the night: "You're a time traveler who doesn't know what he's doing." Cole and Cass then go in search of Dr. Oliver Peters, who apparently has reconstituted the dreaded M510 virus for the Army of the 12 Monkeys. Cole gets popped back to the future before they're done. As always, the leg work falls to Cassie. Fortunately for her, it proves absurdly easy leg work.

Cole spends most of the remainder of this episode half frozen while being treated for time sickness. That gives the future over to Ramse, who has a fascinating exchange with an aged Jennifer Goines, leader of the nomadic Daughters. She's full of ominous portent and cryptic lines. It's also clear that she knows Ramse. So he'll be going time traveling himself. She gives Ramse the medallion she once pulled off The Pallid Man and sends him off with a promise that not everything is preordained, even if it seems like it is.

Back in 2015, Cass has already found Dr. Peters. He's a prisoner in a transportainer (there's that SyFy budget again). Unfortunately, he's already reconstituted the virus, says he had to or the Army of the 12 Monkeys would have murdered his husband. Cassie tells him they already did. He wants to die, but that's not Cassie's job. As this is occurring, Aaron runs into that woman we saw with The Pallid Man several episodes back. She tells him Cassie is very important. So what would he do to keep Cassie alive?

That's the running theme of late. Who do you take responsibility for--the people in front of your eyes, or the unknown billions doomed to die? Can you ever really even know what you're doing when the stakes are that high?

While Ramsey talks to Jennifer, Security guy Whitley leads a detachment of other security guys to the abandoned amusement park apparently just a mile away. Of course Helena, the mother of Ramse's kid, gets accidentally shot. Of course Whitley is so stricken with remorse that he leaves without the critical time traveling serum. Huh? Does he want to come back later and accidentally kill someone else after Jones yells at him.

Ramse is pissed. He promises not to abandon Sam. His first action to keep that promise is to... abandon Sam. I told you this was kind of irritating.

Anyway, Ramse gets back into Operation Splinter by offering the critical time traveling serum as a trade, only to trick everyone and plant a bomb on the time traveling device. If you remember Cole's friend Max from a few episodes back, you can now forget about her. She shoots at Ramse, who kills her. That allows Jones to grab the bomb and flee. Ramse is trapped in the room with the time traveling machine as security closes in. He chooses to escape by injecting himself and heading back to 1987, the setting already loaded for Cole.

That's like totally abandoning Sam, right? Whatever. I'm guessing Ramse ultimately becomes the mysterious Witness we've heard so much about before.

Cole is pissed. He wants to pull Ramse back, but Jones says it can't be done. Ramse went through without a tracer. The ultimate one-way trip.

Poor Sam.

Cole heads back to 1987 to finish the episode. It looks like a big time fight is in the offing. I just wish it had been a little better developed. Of course, there is the whole limited budget, limited episodes thing at SyFy.

I'm still giving the Monkeys a thumbs up. You could do a lot worse in your viewing habits.