Star Wars Rebels: Rebel Resolve

Mama Fisi
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In the penultimate episode, one has to suspend disbelief from the highest yardarm to get past many of the stunts.  If Luke and Leia had been able to jump like Sabine and Ezra, they wouldn't have needed a cable to swing across that chasm in "Star Wars."

The episode opens with the crew of the Ghost staging an attack on a chicken-walker, supposedly to try to find information on where the Empire is holding Kanan, but in reality just to do some fan-service and show a sequence featuring chicken walkers.  We get to see such physics-insulting images as Sabine, in armor, doing a running leap from a rooftop across a sixty-foot gap and landing on the top of a walker next to Zeb, Zeb rocking and rolling atop a driverless walker, dodging cannonfire by using an open hatch as a shield, and Chopper using the stupidest, worst ever, most STUPID "I Can't Believe It's Actually Canon" devices, the astromech booster rocket, to fly through the air and get into the walker in order to tap its databanks.

When this fails because guess what, last week the Imperials blew up their own communications tower and essentially shut down the system, the team is able to bail out, all of them climbing onto the walker's roof as it lurches down a narrow city street--driverless--and Hera maneuvers the ship so they can jump into the open cargo bay--Zeb carrying about 200 lbs of plastic in the form of Chopper, mind you.

Hera is ordered by her shadowy contact, Fulcrum, to not try to rescue Kanan due to the risk it would pose to Ezra.  Hera relays this order to her crew, who of course disobey her because Ezra and Sabine are teenagers and teenagers always know better than adults, especially if those adults don't tell them anything more than "Because I said so, that's why."

With Chopper creating a diversion aboard the Ghost, Ezra, Sabine, and a semi-kidnapped Zeb take off in the Phantom, and go to ask the shady smuggler Visago (remember him?) if he's heard anything about where the Empire took Kanan.  Visago, of course, could not care less, and when Ezra tells him Kanan is a Jedi, Vizago laughs and laughs and laughs--until Ezra Force-lifts a cargo crate and nearly drops it on Visago's astonished head.

Somewhat convinced, Visago says he'll tell Ezra what he knows in exchange for having a Jedi "owe him a favor."  Now, how stupid does one have to be to put oneself at the mercy of a guy who looks like Beelzebub?  Stupid, desperate, or incredibly cocky--Ezra makes the deal, only to incur the wrath of Hera, and as Herculese can attest, the wrath of Hera can be a very dangerous thing.

Vizago tells the team that data is improbably being transferred from the surface to the circling Imperial fleet via courier droids, and so of course they just need to paint Chopper up and put the grabs on an actual courier, replacing it with Chopper.  Thank the Maker so many Imperial stormtroopers are dull witted slackers, because this plan works, and Chopper is carried up to a cruiser, where he learns that Kanan is being held aboard Governor Tarkin's personal ship, scheduled to soon leave the system to take Kanan to a place The Inquisitor believes will be better able to break the Jedi into divulging what he knows about the Rebels.

The Ghost engages the Imperial cruiser long enough for Chopper to transmit this information.  Meanwhile, the data courier aboard the Ghost is actually making itself helpful to its droidnappers by putting out a small fire, winning the affection of Zeb (who never liked the irascable Chopper much, anyway.)

Chopper manages to escape in the confusion aboard the cruiser, going through an airlock (and taking several unfortunate Stormtroopers with him.)  Then he fires that idiot ass-rocket again, and is intercepted by the Ghost, which then breaks off its attack and flies back down to Lothal.

Making Chopper even more obnoxious, he then shoves the pleasant little courier droid out of the cargo hatch when Zeb admires how helpful it was while Chopper was off on his spy mission.


There were some nice action sequences in this one, but the script...oooh, it made my head hurt!