Star Wars Rebels: A Call To Action

Mama Fisi
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Cliffhanger time, kiddies!

The crew of the Ghost decide to issue a message to the people of Lothal--and anyone else who might be listening--to counteract the conciliatory transmissions of Senator Trayvis (who...betrayed us.  Get it?)  To do so, they need to hijack the Empire's main communications tower and install a device through which they can make a broadcast.  Not sure why they don't just, you know, hack the system remotely, or maybe install a pre-recorded message...anyway, their plan requires getting past the guards, breaking in, and installing an "information spike" that seems to need three minutes to load, and then they need to get out again and back to the ship in order to make their broadcast.

In order to do this, they stage a frontal assault using speeder bikes (which incongruously make tire-squealing noises when they skid to a stop, in spite of the fact that they're antigravity field machines).  Unfortunately for the crew, their plan has been discovered by Grand Moff Tarkin, who has recently arrived on Lothal to berate Minister Tua and Agent Kallus, and to order the Inquisitor to lop the heads off of Officers Aresko and Grint for their continued failure to capture, neutralize, or eradicate the Rebel cell in their territory.

Tarkin sets a trap, allowing the rebels to access the tower, then swooping in with the Imperial version of black helicopters (seriously, they have no doors, and make a very helicopterish sound, despite not having rotors).  Kanan stays behind to buy his friends some time, and although Ezra, Zeb, Chopper, and Sabine manage to get to the top of the tower and board the Phantom shuttlecraft, Kanan is captured by the Inquisitor and brought before Grand Moff Tarkin.

However, the rebels go ahead with their broadcast, which is then cut short by the Imperials demolishing the tower with laser cannon fire.

Did they manage to do any good?  Will Kanan be rescued, or will his self-sacrifice have been in vain?

Tune in February 23 to find out!