Star Wars Rebels: Vision Of Hope

Mama Fisi
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Alright everybody, repeat after me: IT'S A TWAP!

Way back toward the beginning of this series, a Senator-in-exile from the Old Republic, by the name of Gall Trayvis, was making broadcasts encouraging the nascent Rebellion.  Even then, I could tell that he was actually trying to trick rebels into the clutches of the Empire.

Well, this episode proves I was right.  After Ezra has a vision of the Ghost crew needing to rescue Senator Trayvis, they learn that the man himself will be staging one of his "secret" meetings in the old Republican Senate building on Lothal, and make plans to be there.  Kanan is the only one convinced it's a trap, but he goes along with his crew anyway just in case Trayvis is in fact in peril.  You know, because the streets are crawling with stormtroopers and stuff.

The rebels find their way into the building via the sewers--roomier than air ducts and only a million times stinkier--and sure enough, no sooner do they fawningly introduce themselves, than Kallus and his stormtroopers show up to capture them.  Still, there might be a chance that the Imperials are there to catch the Senator, to the rebels run off with him in a hail of laser fire.

Trayvis quickly becomes an obvious liability, running slowly and claiming he needs a breather.  Hera now starts becoming suspicious of him, and after she and Ezra, with Trayvis, split from Sabine, Zeb, and Kanan--who are trying to draw the stormtroopers off--Hera hands Trayvis a blaster and tells him to "cover us" as she and Ezra try to find a way past a giant ventilation fan blocking their escape route.

Trayvis then orders them to surrender and in classic villainous style tells them his job for the Empire is to lure rebels out of hiding so they can be kept under surveillance.  Word of this deception never got out into the underground because no rebels were ever arrested--they'd just meet with accidents after Trayvis had moved on to his next target.  It just looked like bad luck.

Ezra is crushed by this revelation, and by Trayvis' sneering assertion that Ezra's parents are dead.  Hera then boldly walks up to the Senator, and when the gun he's pointing at her doesn't fire, she knocks Trayvis out with a punch in the face.  She had handed him an uncharged pistol as a test.  Shortly thereafter, Kanan, Zeb, and Sabine arrive, are brought up to speed about Trayvis, and Kanan uses the Force to momentarily stop the fan blades so they can escape just as Kallus and his troopers appear.

On the street, Chopper is busily trying to cut through the welds placed on the sewer shaft hatchway by two patrolling stormtroopers, when a lightsaber penetrates the hatch cover and cuts it open.  The rebels escape back to the Ghost, where Kanan warns Ezra about misinterpreting his Force-derived visions, and Hera consoles Ezra over the downfall of their hero, Trayvis.

Not a bad episode, all in all.  Except, of course, for the fact that it was so obvious that Senator Trayvis was an Imperial loyalist pretending to be a Rebel sympathizer.