"Your Final Warning"

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"Aliens! Yes, I said aliens.  They're here, right now, among us!  You, sir!  Will you listen to me?  Are you ready for the end of the world?  No?  Just gonna walk away, eh?  That's all right, you will believe soon enough.  How about you, madam?  Yes, you with the little girl.  Do you love  her?  Of course you do.  But time is growing short.  This is your final warning.  Hug her.  Tell her you love her, before she dies.  No, don't run away.  I'm sorry, but you have nothing to fear from me.  It's them you have to be afraid of.  They look like us.  You can't tell, except for their eyes.  Cold eyes.  Dead.  Nothing at all in them.  They don't care.  We are bugs to them.  Vermin, to be wiped out!  And you gentlemen?  Yes, you two with the, um... black coats, and... oh shit.  Hello again, as you can see I knew you'd be back soon.  Because I remembered more from when... well, let's call it our conversation.  Yes, that's a much nicer word.  I got the feeling you didn't want me to give out the big reveal ahead of time, but as you can see nobody listens.  You don't have to give me a final warning.  They don't care, don't believe!  But I care.  My family is gone, but the whole human race is my family now.  I suppose that doesn't matter any more, time has run out for us.  But can you do one thing?  A last request, as it were.  Just... remember us.  Will you do that?  We aren't bugs, we aren't vermin.  Our eyes have life in them, dammit! We liv...."