Are you a compulsive trekerbater? Use these warning signs to find out!

Kevin Long
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"compulsive trekerbaiter" - a person who MUST work star trek into every conversation, no matter how unrelated, ill-timed or inappropriate. Examples:

"I disagree that The Prisoner was a great science fiction show because #6 didn't just beam out of The Village."

"All these race riots in the US wouldn't happen if we lived in The Federation, where earth is a Maoist utopia!"

"Starfleet could take out the star wars imperial navy in a fight."

"I'm real sorry your grandpa died. You know, in star threk they'd shoot him out a torpedo tube."

"Babylon 5 is a rip off of Star Trek because even though I've never seen it, the makers of Star Trek told me it was, and I believe them. Baaaa!"

LOST doesn't count as science fiction 'cuz it ain't got no spaceships in it.

Firefly sucked. Horses and poor people in spqce - that's just ridiculous! Ey'd just use transporters to get around. horses! madness!

I coined this neologism after attempting to discuss several different genre shows on several different groups and invariably some compulsively trekerbating jerk would show up to derail the conversation. It's really annoying.