Gwar: West End Girls and People Who Died

Kevin Long
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Gwar is an oddity: A Molly Hatched album cover come to life, a one-joke premise stretched out over 25 years or so, a stoned fat '80s faux-devil-worshiping D&D geek's wet dream, probably the most amazingly offensive stage show of all time (Not counting GG Allen and the Murderjunkies*, of course), and a damn good band.

Dave Brockie died a few months ago. He was the founder and lead singer/songwriter, and just funny - if offensive - as hell. He went by the stage name "Oderus." Much to my surprise, Gwar is continuing on without him. I don't know how I feel about that, but the second half of this track...well, I was going to say "It choked me up a bit," but come on, man, it's Gwar. If it chokes you up, they're not doing their damn job right, are they? I will say it made me go, "Awwww," which is honestly never something I thought I'd say about them.

Now, some of you are wondering "Why is he wasting time with this offensive NSFW crap?'  Well (A) I feel like it, (B) Gwar took their name from "The Watchmen" comic book** and (C) They occasionally claimed to be from outer space, in an HP Lovecraft 'elder gods' sense.


I would insert the actual video in a little player so you could watch it here, which I've done a million times, but the website has decided *NOT* to let me do it. Gah. Just follow the link.

*- If you're the type of person who visits a site like ours, you definitely don't want to look up GG Allen. Just don't. Trust me.

**- Specifically, there are posters for a "Gay Women Against Rape" protest group all through the street scenes in the 2nd half of the comic.