TV Series Reviews: Star Wars Rebels "Fighter Flight"

Mama Fisi
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In this episode, Ezra, Chopper, and Zeb get on each other's nerves and threaten to destroy the Ghost with their sparring, so Hera sends them into town for some supplies, including a particular kind of fruit that she knows very well doesn't grow on Lothal.  Ezra and Zeb bag far bigger quarry on this particular snipe hunt.

In town, they aquire everything on Hera's list, but the fruit; discovering a crate of the stuff being loaded onto an Imperial transport, Ezra determines to steal some to get back into Hera's good graces.  However, and as usual, things don't go entirely as hoped, and...well, Zeb ends up stealing a TIE fighter.  In all fairness, he did it to keep it from firing on him, but still, if you don't really know how to fly a thing, it might not be a wise idea to go careening off across the city in one.

Ezra succeeds in snagging a fruit, and as he flees several Stormtrooper, Zeb picks him up.  Now, I never thought a TIE fighter would be big enough to carry two people--they seem barely large enough to hold the pilot chair, much less a teenage boy and a hulking big alien thingey, but this isn't my fan fiction, it's Disney's.

So off they go, getting in touch with Kanan over the radio, who is not too pleased that his "kids" boosted a TIE.  On the way to the rendezvous point, Zeb and Ezra come across a farmstead that is being burned by Imperials, and as it belongs to friends of Ezra's late parents, he begs Zeb to help him rescue his friends.

Having a TIE fighter does give one an advantage in attacking Imperial troop transporters, but you can only fool an Imperial into believing you're a ranking officer for so long before they get suspicious and start shooting at you, an event that is very unfortunate if your ship doesn't come with shielding.

But the Force is with Ezra, and he succeeds in freeing his friends, ensuring that the Imperials won't be a problem, and getting the fruit Hera asked for.  The adventure also helps Ezra and Zeb to bond a little better--until they see a cartoon artist-in-residence Sabine painted of them fighting, and they set off arguing again.

The animation in this episode seems a little better, but compared to something like Kung Fu Panda, it still looks stiff and cheap.  I guess I better just accept that.