"The Best of Kevin Long" is for sale now!

Kevin Long
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"The Best of Kevin Long" is now on sale at Smashwords. It's my fifth book, and is a compilation of the best stories from my previous books, as selected by a panel. There are also three new pieces that had not previously been published. It's a whopping $1.99


If you've been interested in checking out my work, but didn't know where to start, or just figured it might suck, this is definitely the place to start. Give it a shot. If not out of interest, then out of pitty: I'm about ...to get evicted here, and while I don't make much off the things, every little bit helps.


The book will also be available on Amazon in a couple of days, and dead tree format around the same time. Amazon will also be $1.99. Dead Tree will probably be around $11.00


(And, yes, I know I said it was only available for pre-order, and would be up for sale in about six weeks, but we all know how bad I am with computers and how easily confused I am about such things. I was wrong. It's actually really up for sale today.)