Irwin Allen Silly Sunday

Mama Fisi
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So The Husband and I just discovered a new channel on our TV--"Me TV," which shows nothing but classic TV shows from the 1960's.  At the moment we're watching an episode of "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea."

Here you have a fairly straightforward drama about the crew of a research submarine...that just happens to throw in a giant monster that looks like the Sargasso Sea with eyes.  Oddly nobody in the diving sphere seemed to notice it, even when the sphere was being enticingly jiggled in front of the monster like the biggest deep-sea lure in the history of fishing.

Oh, and the sub also picks up two murderers who'd escaped from a penal colony on the Grand Bahamas.  Now there's a mixed metaphor for you--a prison on a tropical island paradise.  These murderers return the favor of having been rescued after their tiny dinghy capsized in the open ocean ("How'd you men get out here?"  I'm guessing the boat had something to do with that, Chief...) by finding a high-powered rifle and trying to steal the flying sub.  Now, there's a lesson for not making your technology too easy to work--you don't want two convicts to be able to figure out intuitively how to work the controls on your flying sub.  Or maybe that's part of the rehabilitation training they get in prison, to try to give them job skills they can use when they're released?  And need I remind anybody that firing a high-powered hunting rifle inside a submarine is probably NOT A GOOD IDEA?

Anyway, the episode's still playing, and I'm guessing the pile of seaweed with eyes (who previously starred in Lost in Space) is going to have something to do with the resolution of the plot.  But I'm kind of afraid to go find out how.  I need to protect what few brain cells I have left...