ORIGINAL SONG: "In Outer Space!" by Kevin Long

Kevin Long
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If it's Satuday, it must be time for yet another awkward music video for an original song of dubious merits by Kevin Long! This week it's "In Outer Space!"

 This goofball little ditty is the second live-action video I've done (Third if you count the "Rehearsal" version of "One Shot Deal") and was directed and edited by Mike Heavener. I am a waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more embarasing jackass this time out. Way, way, way more foolish. Not sure how I'll top myself, but I'm confident I'll find a way. If you like the song or the video (Whether on an artistic, comedic, or merely ironic level), please share the link with your friends. You can check out my youtube channel here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJWukQykzt8u6lE0y49u0tA and if you haven't done so already, you can subscribe. G'wan, do it. It'll be snazzy! Oh, yes, and that *IS* a Cylon bunny rabbit. See what other toys you can identify. It's fun. Theoretically. Also: seeing as I'm facing eviction, it's possible some of these toys may be up for sale soon, so if you saw anything you liked...serious offers only, ok? Sincerely,Kevin Longhttp://www.Kevin-Long.com