Star Wars: Rebels, By Disney

Mama Fisi
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I just caught some trailers this morning for Disney's new TV series "Star Wars: Rebels."  I have a new hope that Disney may do better with the franchise than Lucasfilm did.

First off, the CGI is pretty bad.  I mean, rubbery the-lips-don't-quite-synch bad.  And instead of using the classic main characters, they've created "original copies"--in other words, their own versions of Han (Kanan), Leia (Hera), Chewbacca (Zeb), and Luke (Ezra).  They've added an extra girl, Sabine, who is impossibly thin, impossibly fast, and I'd nickname "Babe Fett" because she wears similar armor, only splashed with pink.

So yeah, this seems like Star Wars fan fiction.  And there's plenty of shooty-shooty-bang-bang, embarrass-the-Imperials-style cartoon violence--a bomb detonates literally under the noses of four Stormtroopers, and yet they survive.

But the hope I see is that this story has humor and the upbeat vibe of the original film.  There are familiar species from the original series; and the Stormtroopers are just guys in armor.

There's a bunch of these things on YouTube--here's a couple for a taste.