ORIGINAL SONG: "One Shot Deal" by Kevin Long (featuring Dave Teach)

Kevin Long
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Hey, everyone.

 Got a new video for you this week. ACTUALLY, I've got two. We did a rehearsal one which ended up being way the heck funnier than the intended video itself, so I included that one on my youtube channel as well. As with all my stuff, it's deliberately goofy. The song is called "One Shot Deal," and the rehearsal is called "One Shot Deal (rehersal)" Well, duh. Both versions of the song are less than two minutes long, so how can you lose.One unintentionally funny bit is how amazingly out of shape I am. I'm dancing, all told, for about four minutes, with a thirty minute break in between, and I'm clearly about to die by the end of it. Funny! Explanations of what the song is about, as well as the lyrics are on the page itself, but if you need more info, Email me and I'll tell you all about it. Or ask here an I'll explain in comments. 

(Let me know how the sound sounds to you. It's fine on my Ipad, but sound weird to me on my computer) and here's the rehearsal one

and here's my channel as a whole https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJWukQykzt8u6lE0y49u0tA/feed?filter=2 As ever, the most recent videos (These ones, Arrogant Love, I know why, and What Is it) are fairly good, the earlier songs.....uhm....probably just stay away from them. If you like 'em, please subscribe and tell your friends and spread 'em around. If not, do it anyway. I'm remarkably incompetent, and that's always comedy-worthy and deserving of a look-see, right? Sincerely,Kevin Longhttp://www.kevin-long.com