R2's Day: Completely derailed... SPOON!

Republibot 2.0

I am going to discuss the Capaldi Doctor.   But not today, because I have been completely derailed by some news.

Amazon, not one to let Netflix have all the superhero fun  (what?  You don't know about that either?  Well, gee.  Time to turn in the Geek Card.) is gearing up to produce new episodes of The Tick.  Seriously.  The Tick.  And it will star Patrick Warburton, yet again, and be written and produced by the Big Blue Guy's creator, Ben Edlund.


The possibilities boggle the mind-- because of the new content delivery mechanisms, we will soon have an abundance of high quality productions that will never air on traditional or cable outlets.   I anticipate Apple and Roku to start producing their own shows soon... (assuming that Apple doesn't just start marketing 'Celebrity Nudes-- leaked!!!'