ORIGINAL SONG: "Arrogant Love" by Kevin Long (NSFW)

Kevin Long
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Yup, another of my crappy original songs to fill up space here over the weekend. It's 3:30 seconds long, so, really, what have you got to lose? And it's catchy. And unlike most of my previous songs on here, this one has a throw-away gag about a science fiction show, if you can spot it.

The song kind of divides people. About half the folks who've heard it find it offensive, and mocking of God and religion and what have you. Not my intent, though, honestly, who knows if I got what I was shooting for or not? The point was those amazingly defiant love affairs you get into when your'e a kid - especially in the first semester of college - where you're away from home and unsupervised and you just get so amazingly deeply crazy in love with someone for the first time that you're willing to chuck over everything for them, your family, your friends, your faith, your likes, your dislikes, your favorite band, and just absorb whatever they give you, no matter how silly, brilliant, or pernicious just because of the intensity of the feeling, and the feeling of being that young and energetic and, frankly, stupid.

So this is what it felt like for me. What did it feel like for you?

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