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So...get this. The STATE DEPARTMENT is in a Twitter war with the worlds second string terrorist meanace.


To me, this is somewhere between terribly funny and completely sad. Why? Well for one, the idea of tweeting your way to victory against terrorists is ludicrous without even really digging for reasons. Then there are some reasons you can think of...

Like for one...they chose the tag THINK AGAIN TURN AWAY. Huh? Ok. What is that supposed to do? Is the individual member of al-Qaeda supposed to read a few of these and suddenly put down his poorly maintained AK47, stomp on the half empty acid bottle he used this morning to spray little girls going to school, and run to the nearest border checkpoint asking to embrace the ways of the Great Satan?!?

Good grief.

Read some of the posts in the article. Then think about it...we can't get folks on Facebook to agree on how many disciples there were or if Jesus was real...and none of us are so invested in our view that we kill people over it. How can you expect to win an ideological battle over Twitter?

Turns out you can't. And they know it. What they end up saying is that we can't know how many people we convert or sway from doing al-Qaeda like stuff. What we do know is that al-Queda leaders have acknowledged them. Glorious win there!

Whats next? "Dear ISIS, beheading people is wrong! Just wrong." Followed, of course, with something like "People need their heads or they die!"

If they were really smart, they'd do something like this:

"Every male you kill by beheading is a martyr."

Followed by -

"And he might get YOUR virgins."


Now...that...that might be more effective.