Dr. DePayan Blackstone’s Interdimensional, Cross-Time Emporium

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One of these ideas started out as what amounts to faking artifacts. Why? Because it would be fun to build (or have built) all the neat little things that you’ve always wanted to have found but, for whatever reason, are never found. Who can say that these things aren’t in the hands of private collectors? LOL. So…why not make them up and be done with it? 

What sort of things? 

Easy! The obligatory mythos homage for one. You could churn out all manner of neat, highly detailed and artificially authentic objects for cultist veneration and/or curious collector amusement.

You could also drop in the occasional OOP artifact for flavor. Aztec bas-relief that show images that suggest modern surgery instead of human sacrifice. Pseudo non-euclidian stuff that could be attributed to things washing up from ice melts in Antarctica. Fossils from mythological creatures. Trinkets from ancient, prehistory civilizations…you could really go on and on.

The idea itself isn’t anything new. Folks have been faking artifacts since people realized there were such things.  So, with that in mind, the whole effort would really be driven by marketing. The HOW of the positioning would be as much a differentiator as the unique value prop of the product WHAT. 

In discussing it with others, I’ve cycled through a few ideas on the presentation (stuff like an online museum…pictures of the fantastical things in a PRIVATE collection…with stories on what the stuff is and the facts, figures, process, and interesting bits associated with collecting the piece from where it was found.) One idea that came up was – since all of this is being created whole cloth as a fantasy of sorts where the characters in the ‘story’ believe they are working with real stuff and the consumer is in on the joke that its all made up – was to go a step further and take the whole enterprise multi dimensional.

What would this do? Well, it would take us out of the realm of a shadowy pseudo secret masonic lodge like collector theme  to something maybe a bit more whimsical…like a the adventures of a time traveling, dimension hopping steampunk rogue.

So – that said…I’m working on this idea. Figure I’ll do some research and come up with the MVP for the whole thing in a few months. When it launches, you have to know that Dr. Blackstone (he isn’t really a doctor, he’s a dentist, but that’s something for another time) fully expects you lot to help drive up the traffic in social media…if not scarf up the rare and precious items that he’s risked life and limb to make available to you in this time period.


LOL. You have to love this sort of stuff – because it would only be possible in a world where we could sort of suspend disbelief that time travel and dimension hopping is impossible. So, this, this my friends would be LIVING science fiction.