Lost in (dimensional) Space

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Most of us think of other dimensions how we perceive the world around us or even, maybe, other ‘realities’. While these two cover a lot of ground, they (not even together) cover all of what dimensions are/could be.

To ground ourselves, lets align on what dimensions are in physics. The ‘physics’ definition of dimension would entail the various perception elements of the universe – stuff like length, width, depth, etc. When you start to apply quantum physics to the equation, there are quite a few more dimensions – that we KNOW have to exist – and they help us describe the nature of our universe and all potential universes.

I hinted at describing 10 dimensions in the teaser text…but since I’m an over achiever – I’ll describe 11. 

Dimension Zero. Understanding this, to me, is essential to grasping the whole 10 dimensional scheme. It’s the idea that a zero dimension is a single conceptual point in infinite space. We’ll start with that…and come back to it a few times as we advance through the dimensions.

Dimension One. This is length…or a straight line between two conceptual points in space. Lines only have the dimension of length.

Dimension Two. This is width. This turns a line into a plane, albeit an impossibly thin one, but a plane nevertheless. 2nd dimensional objects are always cross sections of shapes (circles, triangles, squares, pentagons, hexagons, etc.)

Dimension Three. This dimension adds depth and brings us into the realm of what we know most – what we see every day, all the time. With the addition of the depth dimension, squares become cubes, circles become spheres, etc. 

Now, remember I told you to that we’d revisit the idea of a conceptual point in infinite space? Good. We’re there again. A three dimensional object represents a point in infinite space. (the difference between a pencil dot on a piece of quadrille paper and a BB is just mass. In infinite space, both occupy a single point.

Keep this in mind. We’ll build on it.

So far, so good, right? Nothing really difficult or odd yet.

Buckle up.

The other seven dimensions we’re going to step through are founded on ideas we can not directly see, but are pretty sure they exist.

For instance, dimension four

This is time. It is the difference between a past, present, and future state. Take the idea of a three dimensional object being a point in space. Time, the fourth dimension…is really a shift between two three dimensional points in the fourth dimension. A line, in otherwords. Time is the line between then and now (or now and then, too, if you want to get testy about it.)

It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to connect this idea to something like a…timeline. (see, told you I’d keep it simple!)

After the dimension of time…we start to deal with possibility.

In quantum physics, there can be an infinite number of potential futures. There is always one outcome as a result of choice…or at least observation that forces ‘selection’ from the potential possibilities.

Dimension Five. In the fifth dimension, you’re moving along the fourth dimension as if it were a plane. (you’re seeing a pattern to all of this , right? Point, Line, Plane…point, line, plane…). The fifth dimension, contains all the possible futures for any given timeline. As we move through the 4th dimension are, through chance, choice, eldritch sorcery or other means, selecting our futures from the 5th dimension and bringing them into the 4th to become part of our timeline.

Dimension Six. Here, we add ‘depth’ to the plane of time. This, abstractly, would allow for navigation to different futures and between them. In this dimension, any given point in a set of pasts and futures  is a point that can be navigated like we move around physical objects in the third dimension. (Note, I said SET of pasts and futures because in the sixth dimension we are working with all the possible options that could have occurred from a single point of origin in space/time.  Here we start dealing with infinity because the sixth dimension represents ALL (i.e. the infinite set) of events that could have occurred at as a result of progressing through a timeline from a single, defined point of origination.   

This sixth dimensional concept is really also a conceptual point in space time that encompasses an origin and all possible outcomes that connect the beginning of that timeline to the end of that timeline.  This is commonly thought of as a universe. In our case, on Earth, this would represent the set of all possible happenings from the big bang through the end of time.

Dimension Seven. As wild as it sounds, we start to think of things on a grand scale in dimension seven. Why? Because here we look at a line between two sixth dimensional points. That is…we connect timelines that have different origins.  This would, in essence, connect two different universes whose point of origin would differ in some way…significant or insignificant. In the seventh dimension you’d be able to move between them along that connecting ‘line’. 

Dimension Eight. This dimension adds width to the seventh dimension to create a plane that considers the branching to other infinities that are the result of the connection between two infinities that are interconnected in the seventh dimension.

Dimension Nine. If you’ve followed me this far…you’re either cheering or nearly comatose with desire to sleep. In dimension nine, of course, we add depth to our Eighth Dimensional construct. This, like it did does in the third dimension and the sixth dimension…allows for movement around a given point in space time. In the case of Dimension Nine, we’d have free reign to move not only between potential futures and pasts, but between ALL possible futures and pasts that result from connection between a set of interconnected infinities.

At the tenth dimension you’re at the top of the food chain…here you have the intersection of all possible infinities…the infinite set of outcomes from an infinite set of origins…and the ability to treat any single one of them as a point in time and space that can be navigated to/from much in the manner we move toward/away from locations and objects in the third dimension.

There you have it. A very simplified walk through ten dimensions.

And, dare I say…the universe is infinite. In ten (really eleven if you give me credit for zero) dimensions, there are an infinite number of infinities. which, in some form or fashion, means that all possible outcomes are potential results.