R2's Day: After the crash

Republibot 2.0

Recently (very recently), my workhorse MacBook would not boot.

After I whipped out my handy-dandy diagnostics disk, I made a disheartening discovery- the boot sector was hosed.

(That's a technical term...)[And Kevin's eyes have just glazed over]

So, for about a week, while I gathered the necessary tools and parts, I actually administered the site using my phone.

It's amazing that I can actually get a notification that the server is acting up, log into the server, run Linux commands and upgrade software all while riding down the highway (not driving.   I seriously doubt that there's much of a distinction in the eyes of the law between texting while driving and systems administration while driving....)In fact, I rebooted the server this morning while in bed.And although my hard drive ate my normal blog entry for today, today's tech makes it possible to do things I didn't even dream of five years ago.What tech has surprised you with its capability and usefulness lately?