Up From the Depths of TNG

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Back in the 1970s and 1980s, the Famed Oceanographer Jacques Cousteau had a big influence on Science, and Science-Fiction.

The most obvious Cousteau rip-off was "Star Trek:  TNG" with it's French Captain on a mission of exploration, trying to rein in his impulsive son Philippe Cousteau... I mean Riker.

But where did the other characters in the show come from?  Cousteau's crew were all whitemen.  Where did the geeky black engineer with glasses come from?  And what about the romantic interest with the kid and his weird comic relief friend?

Well, that came from a previous attempt to make a TV show out of Jacques Cousteau:Hanna Barbera's "Godzilla" cartoon.  Geordi is clearly influenced by the cartoon "Brock"(Whose name sounds curiously Klingon).  Dr. Crusher is clearly influenced by the cartoonDr. Quinn Darien, (though Dr. Darien comes across less nagging that Crusher.)  WesleyCrusher clearly comes from her nephew Pete, and Mr. Data is obviously influenced byPete's comic sidekick Godzooky.

On the other hand, Captain Majors is a lot more tough than Picard.  And the Research ship"Calico" was a lot less cushy than the TNG Enterprise.