EPISODE REVIEW: The 100: “I Am Become Death” (Episode 10)

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Last week, as you’ll recall, the Space Family Robinson blundered into a war with the Grounders, while there was a failed coup attempt and a successful mutiny on The Ark. A dropship with Clarke’s mom aboard managed to cripple the space station while launching, and then crashed somewhere just over the horizon from the 100’s camp.

Actually, it’s more like “The 90” at this point.

We start out with a team from the camp exploring the large, debris-filled crater caused by the dropship impact. There are no survivors, but there’s hydrazine (“Boom Juice” in Doofenschmirtz lingo) leaking. Back at the camp, Murphy turns up, beaten to within an inch of his life. They take him in for questioning, and people start getting sick. The disease itself is pretty terrifying: it’s spread very quickly by contact, and causes the victim to bleed out the eyes and nose, and to vomit blood. Initially they think Murphy’s working with the Grounders, but he’s actually trying to be helpful, and had no knowledge of the disease until the symptoms showed up in camp.

Octavia sneaks out to talk to Lincoln, who is now regarded as a traitor by his people. He explains that the disease is usually only fatal to the weak or sickly, but doesn’t affect the strong all that bad, and many are immune. Octavia clearly is immune. The disease has no cure, but it passes quickly, and its main purpose is to incapacitate the enemy, and soften up the battlefield prior to an attack. Yup, that’s right: The grounders are attacking at dawn. He then says the two of them need to leave this place, and head to the east, to the sea, and then across it to the lands beyond. She agrees to go with him, but wants to warn the camp first.

This she then does. Realizing how screwed they are, and without enough bullets to really defend themselves from a major attack, they decide to try to delay the grounders until the disease more-or-less burns itself out. Raven builds a bomb out of hydrazine from the crash site, and they plant it on the bridge from the last episode. Bellamy gets sick and can’t do it himself, so Raven steals the bomb, and attempts to commit suicide while on the bridge, thereby saving everyone and ending her own suffering (About which more below), but Finn saves her, and Jasper sets off the bomb with a rifle shot. A whole bunch of grounders are killed in the explosion, and their attack plan is basically thwarted for the time being.

Octavia goes to Lincoln and tells him she’s not going with him.

Back in camp, Bellamy and Clarke debate what to do about Murphy. They decide, since he was helpful and supernaturally nice during the crisis, to give him another chance. That night, while everyone is asleep, Murphy suffocates a guy who wronged him like six episodes ago, and leaves a bloody rag in plain view as he walks off.

The End.

Oh, wait, subplot: Jasper’s new fame makes him a jerk, and he treats Monty badly, but then Monty saves his bacon, and Jasper apologizes, and they’re cool again.

Ok, The End, really.

Oh, no, wait, I forgot: Raven has realized that Finn loves Clarke, and breaks up with him.

That really was the end, I promise.


No scenes on the Ark at all. We have no idea what became of it.

There were clearly no survivors of the mutineer’s dropship, if that’s what it was. There were body parts laying around, but I suspect it wasn’t actually a ship. I think it was part of the station itself that broke free in the higgaldy piggaldy*from last week’s conclusion.

Three people definitely die in this episode: two from the disease, and the one Murphy murders. At the end, Bellamy and Clarke are talking about “Fourteen Graves,” some of which are empty, some of which are freshly filled. It’s unclear if they’re talking about fourteen people who died from the plague in this episode, or if it’s fourteen total since they landed on earth.  If so (Which seems more likely) then they’re down to 86 survivors and Raven.  If it’s the former, though, then they’re down to seventy-five survivors (Plus Raven).

The ending with Murphy is a little ambiguous. Obviously he’s still a psycho, but did he kill the guy just because that guy tried to murder him in the past, or did he kill him because he’s been working with the grounders all along, and knew full well he was carrying the disease inside? I suspect the latter.

Lincoln’s escape plan is sorta’ interesting. They’re in Virgina, and he wants to head east across the water. Is he talking about heading to Europe, or just across the Chesapeake to Delaware? I think it’s the latter, because these don’t look like the kinds of people who have a regular merchant marine. Also, if there was much sea traffic, the Ark would have been able to see it from space years ago.

Lincoln mentions “The Mountain People.” He says it in a way that clearly means they’re bad news, and which implies they’re not his own folks. I suspect the mountain people are a group that’s fighting Lincoln’s own tribe, and I suspect they’re the long-hinted-but-never-seen mutants.

We get a little mention of the nuclear war tonight. The scattered mentions make it sound like it was just a plain old cold-war-gone-hot kind of thing, and nothing really interesting. Oh well.

And that’s pretty much that. Pretty straightforward this week.


*-Higgaldy Piggaldy means “A Real Mess”



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