R2's Day: Hey Guys! I've got a barn, let's put on a show!

Republibot 2.0

Something that I'm working on-


We have a tremendous talent pool here at the 'bot.  I count myself fortunate to be able to hang out with you guys.  In that vein, I'd like to propose a project (and we can hammer out the details in the comments and the forums).


I want to see if we can crowd-source a movie as a 'weekend project' (or at least a script).


Whoever wants to participate in the process, can.


Rather than come up with something completely original, there are several stories in the public domain that we can use as a launch point- including several by Phillip K. Dick.  (We all know that he's the go-to guy for S-F adaptations... and honestly, we couldn't do any worse by him than some <ahem> productions)


So, Kevin was kind enough to compile a list of Phil stories that had fallen into the P.D. (P.D'd PD...heh)


These are the stories in the Public Domain:

Beyond Lies The Wub

The Gun

The Skull

The Defenders

Mr. Spaceship

Piper In The Woods

Second Variety

The Eyes Have It

The Hanging Stranger

Tony And The Beetles

Beyond The Door

The Crystal Crypt

The Golden Man

Prominent Author

Small Town

The Turning Wheel

Breakfast At Twilight

Exhibit Piece

Shell Game

Adjustment Team


The Last of the Masters (aka Protection Agency)


Upon The Dull Earth

Foster, You’re Dead

Human Is


These are the stories likely in the Public Domain:



James P. Crow

Survey Team

Time Pawn

The Chromium Fence

A Surface Raid

Vulcan’s Hammer


Several of these can be read at Project Gutenberg  



So, the first step would be to cull this list down to a few, then get a sense of which ones we might like to do.   Some of these could conceivably be combined- so we'll kick these around a bit. 


Once we decide which story/stories to do,  we'll spend some time breaking them down and outlining them.


After we pound out a treatment, we'll actually write it.  At that point, we can decide what to do with the script (sell it, produce it ourselves through crowdfunding...)




This is kind of a pilot project.  I'll be putting some additional functionality into the site to accomodate this (polls, wiki pages, etc.).  I hope to get at least some of it going by the weekend.