And now for something straight out of Neuromancer...

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Nevermind that the company, Deep Knowledge Ventures, focuses on age related disease and regenerative medicine projects...check out the article -

Fact is, if the articles are accurate, the VITAL system is more like an algorhythm than and AI. Even still the idea of placing this tool as a board member so that it gets a vote on whether or not Deep Knowledge Ventures would place investments is really signalling that, at least somewhere on the planet, the singularity is truly not that far away. 

What do you see as the implications of this? What if AIs join boards as a regular practice? What sort of information/decision making might be brought to bear on corporate governance? It seems sort of natural for AI to provide input into investment decisions, but how would you back them out, as board members, from other decisions like elections of other board members, approval of C suite, or decisions to advance or reduce human resource across the org? Also, could you imagine AI on hospital boards? How about as senators or congressmen...or supreme court justices?

Stuff like this does seem to bring the horizon we call 'sci-fi future' a good bit closer. And, as you can see here, sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction.