EPISODE REVIEW: The 100: “Day Trip” (Episode 8)

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I’ve got oddly little to ramble about this week, apart from one thing that’s been nagging me since day one: if you look closely at the tracking shots of the Ark, you’ll notice a couple space shuttles docked to it. I keep meaning to mention it, but I always forget.

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Ok, enough shameless self-promotion. Let’s get on to the review:




The Grounder is still tied up in the dropship, with the remaining 91 or so kids shelling nuts and berries. These are hallucinogens, but no one knows that yet. They’re worried about freezing in the coming winter, however, so Clarke and Bellamy head off to check out rumors of a fallout shelter not far away. They encounter a pretty snazzy matte painting of a neo-Georgian town hall type building sinking into a lake. With little or no effort, they find the new hatch (Let’s call it “Hatch #2”) and discover a cache of guns packed in oil. Then the dope kicks in.


Clarke has a boring hallucination about being back on the ark, talking to the ghost of her dead dad about the need for forgiveness. Bellamy, meanwhile, has a much more imposing (But equally dull) hallucination about the chancellor and the 320 people who died a week ago coming to get him. They’re attacked by a teen who was hired by the evil cop who set up the assassination attempt for Bellamy in the first place. He wants Bellamy dead, and no witnesses. He’s spectacularly bad at his job, however, and dies. Bellamy, who’d been thinking about running, decides to head back to camp and stay on as leader.


Back in camp, everyone’s stoned out of their minds, and Octavia lets the grounder go. He tells her his name is Lincoln, and kisses her. Meanwhile, Finn and Raven have sex because he’s got a gaping wound in his side held together with wire rather than thread, so, sure, what the hell, it’s not like anything could go wrong there.


On the video link with the Chancellor, Clarke praises Bellamy’s leadership (Which has mostly sucked) and says they wouldn’t have survived this long without him (Which is really not true). The Chancellor isn’t really interested. She demands Bellamy be given a pardon, which the Chancellor isn’t really interested in until Bellamy offers up the name of the guy who set up the execution.


Bellamy is pardoned.




The evil cop who set up the assassination is arrested by Kane and some others. He’s put in a cell. The new councilwoman introduced last week (Who was the previous chancellor) has him killed and makes it look like suicide.






You know, every week Wednesday rolls around, and I think, “Oh, dangit, I have to watch that show again.” I resent it all day long, dreading it. Then I watch the show, and I enjoy it, and have fun writing a review. It’s not a bad show, and it’s progressing quickly, and improving. Yet come next Wednesday, I’ll be back to dreading it again. I have no idea why that is. Something wrong with me, I guess.


Anyway: remember this show is like two hundred years in the future. Those guns they found are pretty old-fashioned even by today’s standards. Packed in oil or no, I’m not sure they’d work. I *DID* like that have the ammo were duds, though, that was a nice touch. I also liked that they’re finally addressing the food issue, too. And everyone getting stoned was kinda’ a fun plot twist, though they didn’t really use it adequately. Case in point, “You are the prettiest broom in a broomcloset full of brooms” is not great stoner dialog. Nor is, “I can’t change the tides if the moon won’t cooperate!” or “I think I ate a pinecone because it told me to.” So that was kinda’ meh.


I liked that Octavia and Finn both saw to it that Lincoln escaped. I also like the gradual emergence of Clarke and Bellamy as a kind of co-leadership.


Ok, I think it’s official at this point that everyone has completely forgotten about Mount Weather, which was their initial objective. It allegedly offered shelter and food and medical supplies. No one’s mentioned it since episode 3. I have no idea why.


The politics on the Arc has the potential to get interesting.


I’d still like to know what caused the war. Also, we’ve established that The Grounders are perfectly normal humans, which is kind of diminishing the mystery pretty quickly. They’ll need to find something to take its place much the same way the “We can only send 700 people to the ground” crisis has replaced the “We need to kill 300 people” crisis from the first half of the season. I’m assuming there’s mutants around. Those skeletons we saw in the first episode definitely weren’t human. Expect them to show up soon.


I should also mention that having people on the ground sort of causes the whole “We’re the last of our species” thing to sort of evaporate. We know now that the human race will continue with or without that fools’ errand of an Ark. Again: they need a new element to offset this, so, yeah, expect mutants to show up soon.


Who wants to know what caused the war? Who wants to bet the producers have no idea?


Ok, so these people are somewhere in Virginia. Last week they had a hurricane, and this week they’re worried about freezing to death in winter? What the heck month is this, anyway? I mean, firstly, “Dead of Winter” and “Hurricane Season” are not mere days apart. Secondly, Virginia doesn’t get deathly cold like Montana or Alberta. I’ll cut ‘em slack on that one, though, as these are kids who don’t know shinola about surviving in the wild. (Yet seem preternaturally good at it)


I probably kept hearing it wrong, but the evil guard’s name was apparently “Shumway.” Assuming I heard it right, that’s got to be a reference to “Alf” from the ‘80s sitcom of the same name. (“Gordon Shumway” was Alf’s real name). Assuming I heard it wrong, I still prefer to think of it as “Shumway” because that’s funnier.  


There are 90 people left on the ground.


So anyone else out there watching this? Tell me what you think. Sound off in comments!




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