EPISODE REVIEW: The 100: “Earth Kills” (Episode 3)

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On tonight’s episode of “Battlestar Galactica Meets Lost” we’re introduced to The Smoke Monster and The hatch. We’re also treated to a full-on Lostback, some needless gore and your typical Galactican dysfunction




ONE YEAR AGO ON THE ARK, Clarke’s dad Jake figures out that the station is going to die in one year, two at the outside. Clarke’s mom tells him not to go public with the information. Clarke overhears all this and tells Welles in confidence. Clarke’s mom turns Jake over to the council for execution, and Clarke naturally figures Welles went running to daddy. Because he loves her, and because he doesn’t want her to have to deal with knowing her mom sent her dad up the river, Clarke allows this.




There’s this tween girl named “Charlotte” who keeps having nightmares of her parents getting pushed out the airlock. Clarke tells her this is a new world and they can put all that kind of fear behind them.


It’s three days after the previous episode. Adam has been cut down from the tree and has taken up his normal post as Bellamy’s right-hand man. His left hand man, the sneery guy, doesn’t like Adam much. Two kids – a guy and a girl – wandered away from camp for some alone time two days ago, and are still lost. The fog monster shows up and kills them.


Jasper is infected and dying. Clarke figures the seaweed poultice used by “The Grounders” when they were using him for bait has antibiotic properties, so she, Welles, and The Guy With The Tears-For-Fears Haircut head off to the river to find more of it. Welles is the only one who knows any botany, so they grudgingly let him go.  Time is of the essence. Jasper is suffering, clearly dying, and his screams are bad for morale. Bellamy gives them two days. If he’s not better by then, Bellamy will kill Jasper for the good of the group. (He says)


Bellamy and Adam and a couple others are off hunting. Charlotte is following them for no good reason, and almost gets killed. Bellamy is impressed with her moxie, though, and lets her tag along. He gives her a knife. “You ever kill anything before? Neither have we. Who knows? You may be good at it.” Later, Charlotte tells him of her nightmares, and he says that you need to slay your demons when you’re awake, and they can’t bother you when you sleep. See where this is going? I certainly didn’t! He tells her that when she’s scared – in a dream or real life – she should clutch her knife and say “Screw you, I’m not afraid!”


The fog monster attacks, and both Clarke’s group and Bellamy’s group get scattered. Clarke’s group spends the night in The Hatch. (I’m being facetious. It’s actually a van tipped over on its side and buried in 100 years of accumulated forest crap). Bellamy’s group makes it to some caves. Adam doesn’t.


The next morning, the fog monster is gone. Bellamy and Charlotte find Adam with most of his skin burned off, blind, and begging for them to kill him. Clarke’s group hears Charlotte’s screams and comes running. Charlotte hands Bellamy her knife and says “Don’t be afraid.” He clearly is, though. Clarke shows up, and Bellamy looks pleadingly at her while she quickly surveys Adam and indicates he’s a gonner. “I’ll help you,” she says, and hums him a little tune while she slides a knife WAY TOO GRAPHICALLY into his carotid artery.  Hiding in the bushes, Charlotte sees this.


Back at camp, Bellamy tells creepy dude to give Clarke whatever the hell she needs and leave her alone. Jasper is saved. Clarke figures out that it was her mom what done in her dad, and reconciles with Welles.


That night, Welles is on guard duty. Charlotte comes by and sits with him, then slashes his neck with her knife. Welles goes down gasping for air. Charlotte says “Every night I see my parents die, and I see your dad doing it, and I wake up and see you. I’m sorry, but I have to slay my demons.” She hums him the same little tune Clarke hummed Adam when he was dying.




The 100 was The 98 by the end of the first episode. Possibly as many as four people died in this episode, which brings us to The 94, though I have no doubt that they’ll cheat and save Welles the same way they saved Jasper.


I CAN NOT SAY THIS ENOUGH: killing Adam was ENTIRELY TOO GRAPHIC FOR TELEVISION. It got a big old “Bwah! What the hell?” from me, and it actually scared my wife to the point where she had to go do a couple laps around the block to get over it. Excessive. Warning, warning, warning, do not watch!


I’m being facetious about The Hatch and The Fog Monster. The Monster appears to be just a caustic fog, one of the random and illogical after-effects of the Nuclear War.


All the scenes on The Ark were in lostback format today. Evidently there’s not much going on there.


The character development with Bellamy was genuinely interesting. We see him being nice to Charlotte (One of the younger kids) for no real reason other than apparently-legitimate concern. He claimed he’d kill Adam for touching his sister, but just staked him to a tree overnight. He claimed he’d kill Jasper when he got back, but it’s an open subject if he’d be able to or not. Adam begs Bellamy to kill him, and Bellamy is clearly on the point of a freakout, debating whether he can do it or not when Clarke shows up and takes it off his hands. Clarke, meanwhile, has absolutely no problem with mercy killing, and does it without hesitation.


This tells us several things: 1) Bellamy ain’t the badass he claims to be. He may not be the one who shot the Chancellor on The Ark.


2) Clarke knows the difference between “Fatal” and “Injured,” so when she said she could save Jasper, she knew what she was talking about.


3) With Adam-the-voice-of-reason gone, the surly creepy guy is Bellamy’s only lieutenant, and he’s clearly nuts and mean. That can’t be good.


4) Bellamy actually respects Clarke now.


There’s a theme here of mercy killing versus sacrifice for the common good. Bellamy is willing to sacrifice Jasper, and Clarke’s mom is willing to sacrifice her husband, essentially over matters of morale. Neither appear to have the stomach for it themselves, though. Mercy killing, however, is portrayed as noble. They don’t take it any deeper than that, but there is at least a wisp of a theme.


So what are they going to do with Charlotte the little psycho? They can’t just let her run around free after this.


The Grounders don’t seem to be much of a threat. We know they’re around, we heard a horn of some sort today (Warning of the cloud apparently) but haven’t seen one since ep 1.


The Ark’s method of execution makes no sense. They’re short on resources, yet they waste several cubic meters of air every time they dump someone out into space. They also waste their clothing, and – not to be indelicate – all their chemical resources. You’d figure they’d just slit their throats and dump ‘em into the recycle-o-matic, you know?


Everyone on this show has the standard American accent (Or Canadian accent that we’re not supposed to notice). This makes sense if everyone’s been living in the same place for 100 years. Homogeneity. The exception is Clarke’s dad, who has a very slight Southern accent. What the frack? How did that happen?


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